Warehouse and Shelf Systems Roll Form Line

Raysan; The design and manufacturing of the entire system, including the sheet metal moulds and Roll Form line, are made in the structure of the warehouse and shelf systems. Galvanized, painted or black sheet production is provided. It is ensured that one or more of the elements forming the system are produced on a single Roll Form system. Raysan makes the entire production of sheet metal molds for the production of additional fasteners in the roll form external presses. The element to be manufactured is to operate the press/presses, roll form and guillotine systems with each other Automation and commissioning services will be provided by Raysan as part of the system.

Warehouse and Shelf systems Roll Form Line

  • Double decker trapezoidal sheet production line;
  • 12ton Hydraulic Roll Opener
  • Grid Group
  • Roll Form Group Double decker 16-24 station (varies according to form)
  • Length cutting unit and press Group (1 or 2 press groups)
  • Automatic stacking
  • Software and automation