U-C-Z Purlin and Solar Energy
Profile Production Line

The design and manufacture of the lines that allow the creation of all the constructions necessary for the construction and installation of solar power plants.

The profiles required by U, C, Z and solar systems can be produced in one machine, as well as in high volume production, separate lines can be considered. Galvanized or black material can be used in such systems.

In addition, all energy profiles can be applied to the terrain angle beam application. Raysan is able to produce profiles of such systems, as well as the open profile lines and molds of fittings. These fittings can be put into the Roll Form lines when requested.

U-C-Z Purlin and Solar Energy Profile Production Line

  • Hydraulic Roller Decompressor (5 tons with the most common form)
  • Roll Recticull Drive (Servo)
  • Punching moulds (fly or stationary) and press
  • Grid Group
  • Roll Form Line
  • Guillotine (flies or fixed)
  • Hoard

The lines can be made more authentic. The fittings can also be produced in the same line. Software and automation can be made authentic because of our own infrastructure. The automation system is Siemens infrastructure unless otherwise requested.