Trapezoidal Sheet Production Line

Raysan; Trapezoidal sheet machine production is made in general or special dimensions. With our trapezoidal sheet production line 0, 2mm-1.2 mm galvanized, dyed or unpainted sheet can be produced. The system can be produced with full automatic or semi-automatic options. Line speed; varies between 20m/min-35m/min according to the form.

Length cutting process, fixed scissors, flies scissors and servo scissors can be made in three different types. Software and automation are Siemens based, unless otherwise requested by the customer. Within the framework of customer requests; The products available in the customer’s facility can be removed from the system or added to system.

Trapezoidal Sheet Production Line;

  • Roll Opener (5-10-15ton, hydraulic, trolley or mechanical options are available.)
  • Guide Group (axial)
  • Film Coating Unit
  • Roll Form stations (station number varies according to trapezoidal form)
  • Sliding/Flying Guillotine
  • Automatic Stacking and Stacking trolley
  • Software and automation