Sinus/Corrugated Sheet Production Line Belt Dome Trapezoidal Sheet Production Line

Raysan; The design and production of corrugated sinus sheet production line can be used in thicknesses between 0, 3mm-1, 2mm and dyed or unpainted sheets. The production capacity is in the range of 20m/min.-35m/min. Depending on the form, the system is available in a range of 12-20 units.

Corrugated Sinus Sheet production line

  • 5-10-15ton hydraulic roller decompressor car or mechanical options are applied.
  • Grid Group
  • Form group (consists of the number of stations by form.)
  • Length Cutting unit
  • Automatic stacking
  • Software and automation

The quality, capacity and brands of subcomponents can vary according to customer demands. If some of the sub-products in the customer’s facility are suitable for the system; Available in the system. Line speed, capacity and PLC brands can be changed according to the customer demands. Unless otherwise stated, the entire system is the Siemens sub-structure.Corrugated sheet production lines can also be produced as belt/dome trapezoidal sheet production line