Roll Drives

Raysan is a design and manufacture of roll restrictors, roll drives, Recticular drives and Servo drives in various sizes and thicknesses. Various thickness and width of the original design and applications are involved. Material type
Changes are made according to the design.

The models and designs of our most widely used roll drives are shown in the table below. According to roll thickness and material types; In addition to changing the design of the spindle groups, plastic based coating material is also applied.

Roll drives Model List

Model Design Thickness / MM Width Sliding Roller Straightening Roller
RAYS.41.10X.90.5-2 0,2/1,2 150-300-500 2 5
RAYS.41.10X.90.5-4 0,3/2 300-500-750-1000 4 5
RAYS.41.10X.90.7-2 0,3/2 300-500-750 2 7
RAYS.41.10X.90.7-4 0,05/3 500-750-1050-1300 4 7
RAYS.41.10X.90.9-2 1/4 1050-1300 2 9
RAYS.41.10X.90.9-4 2/5 1350-1600 4 9