Fixed Scissors/Guillotine
Flying Scissors/Guillotine
Servo Shear/Guillotine

Raysan, Raysan is the design and manufacture of guillotine or saws required for the sizing of open profile production lines products. The cutting process is classified according to the material section and shear movement.

According to the movement of flies (sliding) scissors and fixed scissors are divided into two. Fixed scissors reduce the production amount because the entire line must stop at the cutting time.

The cutting process can be saw or guillotine according to the geometry of the product. The saw can be applied to the system as a flying saw or a fixed saw. Sandwich Panel lines, welded profiles and more saws are applied in sections where mold is difficult to migrate.

The Fly guillotine/fly scissors can be moved with the help of Servo Motors as well as pneumatically movable. All length cutting operations are controlled via the touch screen.

Except for non-standard applications, usually the length sensitivities of servo motor applications are 0, 1mm.