Double Layer Sheet Production Line

Trapezoidal / Metal Tile Pattern / Sinus(Corrugated)

Raysan; 0.3 mm-1.2 mm in thickness of the painted, black and galvanized sheets of the lines that can produce the same machine in the manufacturing of two forms of machines. Production speed, station numbers and capacity are the same as other models, saving space. One roll opener and stacking unit allow the production of both profiles.

Double decker trapezoidal Sheet production line

  • 12 Ton Hydraulic Roll opener
  • Grid Group
  • Roll Form Group Double decker 16-24 station (varies by form)
  • Length cutting unit and press Group (1 or 2 press groups)
  • Automatic stacking
  • Software and automation

The quality, capacity and brands of subcomponents can vary according to customer demands. If some sub-products are in accordance with the system; Available in the system. Line speed, capacity and PLC brands can be changed according to the customer demands. Unless otherwise stated, the entire system is the Siemens sub-structure. There is also the production of each product alone in the system