Cold Room Roll Form Sheet Production Line

Raysan; The design and manufacturing of cold room Roll Form lines in special or market-known sections. This type of Roll Form lines are also required to allow the cutting of the length. For this reason, the lengths range from 20 to 25m. The length of the cut is produced in combination with the length of 10 to 15 meters can be reduced. A wide range of options can be given in this type of Roll Form lines.

Cold room Roll Form line;

  • Roll opener (can be mechanical or hydraulic.)
  • Driver and Guillotine
  • Conveyor
  • Roll Form Group
  • Conveyor
  • Software and automation

Unless otherwise stated, the automation infrastructure of the entire system will be produced as a Siemens sub-structure. The production of the lower parts in the system may be in question. In addition, it is possible to re-establish the line using the lower parts of the customer’s hands.